Task: Mini-Doc

Ruben & Bobby
, a hybrid hair salon-toy store in Copenhagen celebrates the games and geek culture of the 1970s-1990s. Bobby Ågren, who sports a mushroom-meets-mullet hairstyle, cuts hair and packs the shelves of the tiny shop with action figures and early video game consoles. More than anything, Ruben & Bobby is an oasis — a place to revel in childhood nostalgia and the aesthetics of a simpler time. This short documentary is part of a series of profiles of creative people produced by Copenhagers, a production company in Copenhagen. Mattia Abeni talks about the ongoing project in a brief interview below.

The Atlantic: 
What is Copenhagers?

Mattia Abeni: Copenhagers is nothing more than a media project of mine focused on the video making point of view. I think the easiest and more effective way to present it to people is via the philosophy that goes with it: “The COPENHAGERS media project wants to promote people, places, brands, ideas, projects. We want to give visibility to all those folks out there that every day keep doing what they love, moved by a sincere feeling. Because at the end of the day it is all about passions.” Everything is based on research and connecting people and giving people a chance to get inspired, learning from each other’s experiences.

How did you find Bobby’s salon/store?

There is a lot of work behind the scouting of new subjects for interviews; usually it is a process that involves friends and tips, something like, “I do know this guy, or that girl, that is doing this or that, and I think I might fit with the interviews you’ve been doing.” I can also just get inspired by walking around; I have often discovered a place only after I’ve passed by several times or happened upon it completely out of blue. This specific spot has been pointed out to me from the art collective La Foret Des Renards.

What do you look for in a subject for a documentary for your interview series?

This is actually quite interesting; I do not follow a precise workflow on the scouting of subjects. The only thing that all my subjects and interviews have in common is the fact that in one way or another, they are all pursuing their dreams and passions. That’s what it makes it so easy to interview such different people, from artists to dancers, from shops to art collectives, because to me they all come down to personal and interesting stories.

What’s next for you?

I’m in a very exciting place right now because I love what to do. Filming doesn’t feel like pressure, though sometimes it might be overwhelming and it’s hard work. It does certainly pay off when I put my headphones on, sitting in front of my computer, to start editing a new short film. That is rewarding. I do have a very deep passion about small documentaries, about particular and uncommon stories, interviews, so in the future I would like to try to travel a little bit more, try to expand some short documentaries here and there. There are just so many interesting places and people ready to share what they love and believe in, and I will hopefully be there to catch that for the small audience I am able to reach every day, day by day.



Task: Mini-Doc

Producer: A.Petersen
Concept: Kristian Bøjlund
Concept/Director: Thorbjorn Ingason
Videography: Mattia Abeni / Copenhagers
Sound Design: Gísli Galdur Thorgeirsson

“Kvalitet er et kodeord for den produktive designer og arkitekt, der ud over at skabe produkter i mindre skala og bygninger i stor, også byggede sit eget hus i starten af 1970’erne – et hus, der i dag opfattes som et mønstereksempel på arkitektonisk helhedstænkning, hvor materialevalg og rumlige forskydninger skaber oplevelser på alle tider af døgnet, når man er i huset en helt almindelige dag. Og netop hverdagen er hellig for Holscher. Hans design er født for at gøre hverdagen til et bedre sted at være. Et bedre sted at opholde sig. At arbejde. At spise.”

“Design til hverdagen” er et mini-portræt af en af Danmarks største arkitekter og industri­elle designere, som igennem et helt liv har skabt et utal af løsninger, der gør vores liv nemmere og smukkere. Filmen fortæller en del af historien om en ambitiøs arkitekt, der er stolt af sit fag, og som elsker at løse de mange udfordringer, der ligger bag godt design.

Men det er også mødet med en varm og ydmyg mand, der stolt kigger tilbage på et rigt liv med masser af spændende opgaver og dygtige samarbejdspartnere.

Filmen er delvist optaget i Knud Holschers eget hus, tegnet af Knud selv i 1972, som Realdania forventer at købe og bevare for eftertiden. Ligesom hans design er huset funktionelt og gennemtænkt ned til mindste detalje, men det besidder også en masse
af den charme og varme, der kendetegner Knud som person. Netop det stramme og funktionelle over for det menneskelige er omdrejningspunktet i den tre minutter korte film om Knud Holschers lange virke.



Task: Mini-Doc

REMEMBER BERLIN” a narrative short film


/// WHAT /// WHY /// HOW ///

On April 21st 2015 I was in Berlin for work; in the afternoon I found my self free for a few hours and I took a stroll down the beautiful German capital. I brought my camera with me; there was no plan on making a movie out of these very limited 4 hours trip but I suddenly felt once more the urge to share the history, knowledge, awareness and inner beauty that this city and it’s heritage has to offer.

/// LISTEN ///

Please listen carefully; take 3 minutes out of your day to immerse your self into this audio/visual journey. The film contains an extract of the famous J.F. KENNEDY Berlin speech accompanied by Yann Tiersen’s gem. You would be surprised to see and hear how relevant this still is at this very day.



Task: Mini-Doc

The ACF Revolving Collective Presents: THE HARD GRAFT (The DJ Technique Applied To Menswear) Explained by Liam Maher of Denham

In occasion of latest CIFF Trade Show here in Copenhagen we got the honor and pleasure to pay a visit the the A.C.F. (Art Comes First) rotating Collective while they were presenting their latest project: THE HARD GRAFT.
We talked to Liam and Jennifer Maher from Denahm about it and put together a lovely explanatory video about it.


A Collaboration Between Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh with Matteo Gioli and Liam Maher.
Progressing the tradition of menswear design from the past through the present into the future involves a process of hybridization, grafting, sampling and mixology.

Like a DJ digging through classic vinyl, remixing standards from the jazz and pop musical canon, menswear designers attempt to harmonize the most potent influences from their vintage research within a single contemporary concept.

Sam and Shaka of Art Comes First step into the atelier with Matteo Gioli of SuperDuper Hats and Liam Maher of Denham to cut, scratch, sample and mix vintage menswear in a demonstration of the DJ Technique Applied to Menswear. Lambert, Maidoh, Gioli and Maher will working toward a creative synthesis of sartorial and workwear influences that reflect each of their individual design obsessions.

Scratching with Sewing Needles: Each day of the event hybrid designs will evolve within a nomadic atelier.

Each day finished pieces will be styled into a focused exhibit of looks inspired by the men who progressed modern music from yesterday’s legends like Thelonious Monk
to contemporary pioneers like Yasijn Bey.

Thanks to:


Matteo Gioli: Super Duper Hats

Liam and Jennifer: DENHAM

Copenhagen International Fashion Fair: CIFF



Task: Mini-Doc

Copenhagers x The Jaunt #008 – David Shillinglaw in Denmark (Documentary) Stepping out of your comfort zone and experiencing new surroundings is often quoted as the main source of inspiration for artists. We aim to provide these inspirations to artists with our project The Jaunt. Realizing short and pleasurable trips for the artists. For each trip we will send an artist to a new destination. Once arrived, the artist will soak up all of the local impressions and inspirations. From freshly brewed local coffee to small boutiques, neoclassical architecture, overcrowded tourist sights or whatever else falls in their way. Each trip is different, because each destination and artists is different.   ”David’s trip to the Danish summer house was a much needed break for him. Instead of the usual clutter and distractions of hectic city life his five days at the summer house were filled with long walks, swimming in the ocean and being able to hear the dead silence at night. But most importantly, David rediscovered his love for nature, which is what his final print is all about, aptly titled ‘Look to Nature’. In his print he summarizes the various sketches and observations he made while enjoying the Danish country side.”



Task: Mini-Doc

”WE RUN THE CITY” – A Copenhagers Short Film About NBRO

Personal Project, Shot back in March 2014

In early March this year we got in touch with NBRO and decided to meet with them to shoot a personal project short-docu-film with no budget about it in the following 2-3 days for the sake of it and to keep up our true love for the creation of valuable independent content documentary-based. Retracing the history of NBRO; how the whole group started out and shaped in the next years, what’s and whom is behind it and the stories helping this outstanding group of people to develop their identity in becoming what they are at this very day.

About NBRO Running

”NBRO is a club for passionate runners with a thing for sneakers and social get-togethers. Spawned from NIKE’s 2010 Copenhagen neighborhood running challenge where Karl-Oskar of WoodWood and the Nørrebro team topped the podium by tracking more than 5.200 km and 8-10 men strongly kept on running after the event.
NBRO is without king, territory or rules. Everyone is welcome to join the 4+ weekly training sessions starting from Kaffesalonen at the heart of the Nørrebro quarter.
NBRO’s purpose is to perform athletically and especially socially at all larger or interesting Danish races as well as organizing a number of annual trips abroad. Also check out our Facebook for daily fun and info. Or go instagram for the hip version of running.”

For more info visit: NBRO