Task: Mini-Doc Series

HYPEBEAST introduces a new video series “Northern Lands” with the Danish city of Copenhagen in the spotlight. As part of a larger Scandinavian design movement, predominately known for being simple yet elegant, we catch up with five community staples for a better understanding on just what fosters such a unique approach to design and why more and more people are calling Copenhagen home. In the series, we join Henrik Vibskov, WOOD WOOD, Wrenchmonkees, Soulland and Libertine-Libertine to learn just how the city, and its rich natural backdrop, combined with supportive contemporaries have had a direct impact on their work. Check back next Monday for episode one featuring studio Henrik Vibskov.

Episode 1 – Henrik Vibskov

”Danish designer Henrik Vibskov is a little bit of a paradox — normally categorized as a Scandinavian designer but always steering clear of the minimalism that epitomizes the category. Vibskov’s roots are entrenched in small town Kjellerup, Jutland, where he was born, but his true inspiration comes from the amalgamation of cultures he experienced when he moved to Copenhagen, and then to London. The culture shock he experienced while moving to a European metropolitan still cloaks his work today, manifesting itself in loud prints and norm-defying collections. Dabbling not only in fashion, but in interior design, music and art installations, take a peek into Vibskov’s mind and learn a little more in our Northern Lands: Copenhagen feature.”

Episode 2 – WOODWOOD

”With an affinity for storytelling through design, WOOD WOOD is part of the Scandinavian fashion movement known for its stark minimalism and beautiful silhouettes. The Danish staple has flourished through ingenious collaborations and creative collections, striving to appeal internationally and gleaning inspiration from cultures all around the world. We meet the co-founders of the label, Karl-Oskar Olsen and Brian Jensen, and discuss with them the brand’s inspirations, aspirations and what it’s like to live in Copenhagen. Take a look into the minds of these Scandinavian creatives in our latest installment of Northern Lands: Copenhagen.”


”In our third installment of Northern Lands: Copenhagen, we visit Wrenchmonkees, a Danish motorcycle and apparel brand that has flourished into a well-known, utilitarian label and bike shop. What began as a hobby grew to a business, with many requesting motorbike customization. Eventually, the hobby became a full-fledged mechanic shop offering cutting-edge designs and custom bikes, and in 2008, adopting the moniker ”Wrenchmonkees” along with an apparel label. Inspired by modern all-purpose workwear such as Carhartt, Wrenchmonkees wanted to design apparel that would be practical in the bike shop, but still wearable in public without looking like a mechanic. We speak to co-founder Nicholas Bech about what Wrenchmonkees is, the culture of bike customization, and living in Copenhagen with everything it has to offer. Check out our feature above, and learn more about the brand over at their website.”

Episode 4 – SOULLAND

“In Part 4 of our ongoing The Northern Lands: Copenhagen series, we visit Danish streetwear brand, Soulland. Speaking with the founders, Silas Adler and Jacob Kampp Berliner, we get a look inside the growth and journey of the brand, from its humble beginnings in 2002, to now, with a worldwide following and international flagship stores. Hailing from Copenhagen, the label boasts traditional Scandinavian artisanship with a contemporary feel, always influenced by its vibrant and quaint neighborhood. Check out the video above for a look into the brand, and immerse yourself in the distinctively Scandinavian culture where the label plants its roots.

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“Founded in the midst of the recession in 2009, Scandinavian label Libertine-Libertine took an existentialist approach to building the brand, believing that the journey is an award in itself. Trying to do something different with business and fashion, the label was born with its inaugural collection created in a living room. With its easygoing approach to style, we follow 1/3 of the founders of Libertines-Libertine, Rasmus Bak, on a trip to discover the brand’s inspirations and its home city. With a name paying homage to the word “libertine,” the brand ethos idealizes being different and doing your own thing. The contemporary pieces aim to be effortless and timeless, with a distinct minimalist versatility. Check out the last installment in our Northern Lands: Copenhagen series, and make sure to watch the rest of the series on HYPEBEAST TV.

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